Friday, 27 December 2013

Zoxel v0.4.1

Minor bug fix release.

  • Fix click detection when placing voxels by clicking on the background grids.  Voxels should now be positioned correctly.
Download link on the top right.


  1. Hey Graham, it seems this would be the best place to contact you!

    I love how Zoxel has the huge palette for each colour selected, makes shading and adjustments easier than anything I've found yet so nice work.

    I have opened a csv file I made in Sproxel and have found I'm unable to create a usable csv in Zoxel to use elsewhere. I have tried to open the csv file created by Zoxel with a few different programs with varied results but none opening properly, I had a look and each line seems to be adding a L onto the end. As an example Zoxel has #47535BFFL in the field Sproxel has #47535BFF. The Sproxel save will open in other software.

    At this stage I would rather be using Zoxel but if I'm unable to save as a .VOX or .CSV then it's no help :(, I'm hoping it's just something simple in some coding needs to be adjusted?

  2. Hi Adam,

    Are you trying to save a model from Zoxel in the Sproxel format? It's possible that is a bit broken, I'll take a look shortly.

  3. That's right, I found If I use Excel to find and remove the L throughout the document and add 1 to the 1C field (pretty sure it's the Z axis, so my 9 now becomes 10) I can open correctly in Sproxel again, then I can use Sproxel to save as VOX ;)

    If I try to open the edited file in Zoxel I get 'too many values to unpack'

    This process works for my particular purpose and makes my shading much less frustrating. I will have to ensure I make an extra save that won't be edited.

  4. Try and download version 0.4.2, that problem is hopefully fixed.

    1. You are the shiz!!

      Works perfectly nice work! I'll post links to this software on a couple sites and instructions on how they can implement the sweet colour setup. At the moment i've been lurking a few forums that people will be able to make good use of your work :D

    2. Good news that is works, thanks for confirming Adam.

  5. Ive also been having a problem with zoxel. When i try to export an image all that ends up being saved is a grey nothingness. Ive tried re Installing zoxel, restarting my computer and nothing. Is this known bug or is am i the first. Sorry in advance if this question has been asked before.