About Zoxel

What is Zoxel?

Zoxel is a voxel editor designed for small models.  Like a sprite editor, but in 3D.

Zoxel was originally intended to design and animate 16x16x16 voxel models.  It has an absolute maximum size of 127x127x127, but it's not really designed for things so large.


  • Creation of voxel models :)
  • Full colour voxel support with fancy colour picker.
  • Animation support.
  • Export in .obj for 3D rendering.
  • Import and export .qb files (Qubicle Constructor)
  • Import and export Sproxel's .csv files.
  • Undo / redo
  • Simple voxel editing tool.
  • Colour picker tool.
  • Flood fill with colour tool.
  • Move and rotate the model in voxel space.  For realigning on different axis.
  • Camera translation, zoom, panning.
  • Customise background colour, voxel edge view, shading, etc.
  • Other things...


Windows or Linux.  In theory works on MacOS too, but I haven't tested it.

Windows binaries are available for download.  Probably needs at least Windows 7 with a graphics card supporting OpenGL.  Might need 64bit Windows, not sure. 

Developed on Linux, so definitely works on 64bit Ubuntu based distros.  Download source from GitHub.  See Linux installation notes here.


Some keyboard and mouse controls
  • Left-click - activate currently selected tool (draw a voxel by default).
  • Right-click - erase a voxel if you have drawing tool selected.
  • Hold down right-mouse button and CTRL - camera rotate
  • Hold down middle-mouse button - camera rotate also
  • Hold down middle-mouse button and CTRL - camera translate
Choose colours:
  • Clicking on the palette window over on the right.
  • Choose a colour from the standard colour dialog using the toolbar button.
  • Use the colour picker tool to select a colour by clicking on a voxel.
Add frames by clicking the "Add Frame" toolbar button or use the "Animation" menu.  Navigate to next and previous frames using the toolbar buttons (or CTRL+arrow keys left/right), same for play and stop animation.

When you add a new frame the voxels from the current frame are copied to it, so it looks like not much has happened.

Delete a frame using the Animation menu.

Current frame and total frames is displayed in the main window title.

Undo / Redo
Each animation frame has it's own undo history.  Some operations clear the undo history.  For instance: Model rotation (in voxel space not camera rotation), resizing the model.


  1. This is a wonderful software. Very simple, very good

  2. There is a bug when rotating. It starts drawing voxels under cursor.

    1. I have created a fix for this issue.


  3. It's really good and easy to use but, I have no idea how to export my work into a .obj file.

    1. you have to go to the save as menu and then on the drop down menu to choose what type of file you want it to be click on .obj

  4. How do i make the grid appear because it won't show up for me

    1. You can go to the view tab and choose the grid option or you can use the grid tool if it is on your hot bar

  5. Does anyone know how to change your back ground color?

  6. Can the grid be moved just up down left and right? Not rotated just moved

  7. How do I export the animation itself? Because I've put in an animation, exported as an .obj, imported to Unity, and Unity's not detecting the animation. That's definitely not a problem with Unity.

  8. I can't install it. It's every time blocked by system.Someone can upload the installed version of it to Dropbox or somewhere and send me a link? Please

    1. if u get the link can u send it to me cause the same is happerning

  9. link to windows installer is broken

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. link to windows installer is broken!! plz fix it! :(

  12. https://github.com/chrmoritz/zoxel/releases

  13. I wrote a Zoxel importer for Blender:


  14. how do you chnage your background
    to a different colour

  15. its been working then when i restarted my computer it stopped working and now i cant get it to work anymore. ive reinstalled it A LOT but it still wont work it just crashes please help

  16. okay so i have been using this for a while now and i really like it but when i restarted my computer zoxel stopped working. ive uninstalled and reinstalled it many MANY times but everytime i open it, it just crashed and ive tried every version. PLEASE HELP

  17. when i'm making a mod for trove i can't make it lgass or glowing glass etc. how to fix this

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  21. i cant even install it. the link leads to an administrative error :/ help