Thursday, 9 January 2014

Zoxel 0.4.5

More tweaks:

  • Add more ways to Zoom (rather than just mouse wheel). Adds Zoom in/out to View menu, toolbar buttons and shortcut keys CTRL + and CTRL - 
  • Fix Qubicle (.qb) exporter - don't export empty voxels as black voxels. (Hopefully fixed)
  • Fix: Prevent accidental erasure of voxels when right-clicking with CTRL held down to rotate.
  • Display warnings when encountering known issues with Qubicle file imports. 


  1. Hi, the .qb export works fine now! :)

    Have you thought about adding a rotate object option? Would be handy.

    I've been usign Zoxel the last few days and it I really like it, good job! ^^

    1. Model axis rotate features have been added in the development version. Probably released later today, I've broken a few things adding animation support so let's see how it goes. :)

  2. Thanks for testing and feeding back.

    I've raised the rotation feature request in the issue tracker.